Online Museum for Pressedsteel
Vintage Pressed Steel Toys

My toys are displayed here in catagories below.
Note: Below each photograph is a title, personal toy
identification number, possibly a special note about the toy
and a rarity rating of 1,2,3,4 or 5 stars.

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Please note "Pressed Steel" in the subject line.

Now, lets see some trucks!!

Tonka Toys:

1949-1953 Cabover Fords

1954-1957 Round Fender Fords

1958-1961 Square Fender Fords

1962-1965 Generic Trucks

Jeeps and Jeepsters

Other 1947-1965 Tonka Toys

Custom and Restored Tonkas

Nylint Toys:

1959-1967 Cabover Fords

1960-1970 Ford F100s

1962-1972 Ford Econolines

1963-1970 Ford Econoline Vans

1965-1970 Ford Broncos

Other 1959-1970 Nylint Toys

Buddy L Toys:

1956-1960 Internationals

1957-1960 GMCs

1960-1970 Generic Trucks

1964-1969 Delivery Step Vans

Other 1956-1970 Buddy L Toys

Other Manufactures:

Various Trucks

And my other toys - 1974 TR6

1958 International A100

...and - 1982 Porsche 930

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