The Sac & Fox Lapidary Club

Fairfield, Iowa

Getting To Know Us
A Fun Club To Belong To!

What kind of people are we?
WE ARE ROCKHOUNDS!  Rockhounds are those people who enjoy collecting, studying and/or polishing various rocks and minerals.  Some of us make jewelry from our materials which may take us into the art of silver and goldsmithing.  Some of us collect various mineral specimens.  Some are into fossil collecting.  And some just enjoy looking for and collecting pretty rocks.  Therefore we have a not-for-profit club to further these interests.  And, we are learning a lot!

Where & when do we meet?
We meet at 7:00 pm the third Thursday of each month except for the month of December.
We are not affiliated with but meet in the First Baptist Church, 205 W. Broadway, Fairfield, Iowa.

Why do we get together?
We had several field trips to local Iowa collecting sites throughout this summer.  We enjoy regular monthly programs on our hobby and its arts.  Frequently there are silent auctions in which we have the opportunity to pick up new materials with which to work.  And we enjoy exchanging stories about our various field excursions (see the barite crystals above from a recent field trip) and collecting adventures. We provide some training sessions for beginners.  About 20% of our members are children and young people.

Each year we have a gem and mineral show to help educate the community about our hobby and provide an opportunity for people to acquire some of the unique items that are available, ranging from fine hand crafted jewelry to unusual home decorating items.

Each November we have a Thanksgiving dinner together with turkey, ham and all the trimmings.

Each month we send out a small newsletter, The Rock Sac, to keep our members informed on the club activities, various show dates, lapidary tips and what's going on in the lives of our members.

We have been asked and are preparing to maintain the mineral display of our local museum.

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