There are three types of sorghums: sweet, grain, and broomcorn. Of interest to the homesteader is the sweet, because it can be a valuable source of replenishable sweetner. I personally like the sharp flavor of sorghum molasses, which is still easily found where I live, particularly on baked goods and on pancakes. Sorghum is an important source of sugar syrup in areas where sugar cane isn't grown and maple syrup not produced, though it has diminished in production. I don't have any information on specific varieties yet, but here are companies that sell sweet sorghum seed.

Baker Creek (Rox Orange, Mennonite, Honey Drip),   Bountiful Gardens, (Black Kafir)   Drysdale, (Black Kafir, Black Top)    Liberty,   Mellinger's, (Rox Orange)   Pinetree,   Shumway,(Rox Orange)