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Dynamic Worship Experiences
Dynamic Worship Experiences is a Congressional District Program
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Current Ministry
We would like to give you a glimpse of what we are currently doing.  If you wish, please pray for us as we minister.

April 20-21.  Don led a successful retreat for lay leaders of the Presbyterian churches in eastern Iowa.  We hope to offer extended ministry to some of the churches whose pastors participated

June 23 - 24.  Lisa and Don and their family gave a series of successful concerts in central Minnesota.  A Sunday school hour featured group singing, puppets, and skits with the topic of God being present in our time of need.  A worship service featured Lisa in concert and some multimedia presentations.  Lisa was also in concert at a church that evening.  The theme for the latter two services was the presence of God and his faithfulness.

June 29 - July 1.  Don and Lisa were the featured speakers at a family retreat at Pine Lake Christian Camp in Eldora, Iowa.  The kids joined us once again as we included skits and puppets.  Lisa led the group worship and Don taught a number of times on the camp’s summer theme of “Live it!’ From Ephesians 4.

We are currently working on some projects for late summer and fall.  Please contact us with any requests you may have for special events or seminars.